I’m Mairi. I’m from a small coastal village in the American Northeast, but I’ve also lived in northern Germany, Quito, Ecuador, and currently attend university in Providence, Rhode Island. Aside from my obvious love for both travel and food (hence the reason for the subject matter of this space) (I’ve also been known to be slightly sarcastic), I enjoy reading ( trashy novels, classics, the news, and memoirs- especially memoirs), dancing (like a spaz) in the living room, German dark chocolate, running, wandering through unknown cities, bike rides to the beach, drinking giant mugs of tea (and mulled wine), hiking in the Andes, oversized knit sweaters, arguing politics, trying to lift weights, wasting way too much time on YouTube, parenthesis (couldn’t you tell?), and stalking other people’s social media accounts.

I dislike tanning for the sake of tanning, Fox News, beverages with ice, excessive exclamation points, incorrect grammar in general, and people who state the obvious. I have a probably unhealthy obsession with listening to 60s pop and 80s British rock, along with a few modern artists (The Beach Boys, The Smiths, Lana del Rey, Bleachers, The Black Keys, and M. Ward, to name a few), and sometimes when I’m talking empiezo a hablar/pensar in drei Sprachen (aka I start speaking/thinking in three languages simultaneously… it doesn’t happen all the time, but comes with the territory of being trilingual).

In this space you’ll find developed-from-scratch and adapted recipes (always vegan, mostly gluten free), as well as anecdotes and photos from my travels and everyday life.

For more about why I eat the way I do, check out my diet page, and here to learn why I travel.







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