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las islas galápagos /// savory stovetop oats (vegan + gluten free)

Five years ago I had the opportunity to travel (for a hefty price tag) to the Galápagos Islands (with a layover in Quito) on a trip organized by my high school biology teacher. The cost was the major deterrent there, and I chose not to go, since a year living in Europe was higher on […]

the unending fight /// feminism /// almost raw taco salad (vegan + gluten free)

I shouldn’t feel like I have to cross the street- in a supposedly safe neighborhood, in broad daylight- to avoid the man nearly twice my age who tells me “Hola princessa,” no matter what I’m wearing, but especially when it’s a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I shouldn’t have to avoid going to stand in the back […]