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crossing the continent /// crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter granola bars (vegan + gluten free)

I spent three weeks of late January and early February in São Paulo, Brazil, with Ana, my exchange sister who spent the previous school year living in a room across the hall from mine. Despite flying back to Ecuador just before the start of Carnaval and missing the festivities, I had an incredible time. Visiting […]

view from the rooftops /// chick pea-nut butter mousse (vegan + gluten free)

So Saturday morning I was sitting around waiting to get ready for my afternoon plans when I got a craving for something sweet, but not necessarily something chocolate-y (not chocolate? There must be something wrong with me). Black beans worked great as a base for a sweet chocolate dessert, why wouldn’t garbanzo for another flavor? […]

it’s raining men /// apple(orange)sauce (vegan + gluten free)

It’s always raining in Quito. There’s a thunderstorm at least 3-4 afternoons a week. When I’m leaving school at 1:40 I just pray that it holds off until I get home. Sometimes, although my school is only a ten minute drive further north than my house, it’ll be sunny overhead when classes end and pouring […]